Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Fall: October 20, 2013

So, I'm sure you've heard that the government reopened its doors on Thursday.  Most people were surprised how little changed, but not us.  No more date mornings on the beach while the kids are at TOTS.  No more extra pair of hands to play with the kids while I load the dishwasher. 
On the upside, Craig resumes getting paid.  YAY!
Devon and Ally kitty are forming a tentative bond.  She usually lets him approach and stroke her for a few seconds before bounding away. 
We're flirting with letting the girls ditch the high chairs and sit at the table.  "I have to go peepee!" five or six times during a meal gets old fast.  Not sure we're brave enough to have three little runners that could take off at any moment...
I had a long, peaceful dinner with a friend this week.  I'm getting as much beach time as I can...

Carrie and Melina never got croup, but they have been snarky and coughing a bit.  I won't even tell you how early my day started this morning. 
These guys never leave my floor.
Our weekend included a trip to the pumpkin patch.  We left at noon, stopped for coffee, got cash, got gas, and were just headed out of town a whole hour later.  Part of the reason for the delay was an announcement from the back seat right as we were pulling away from Target.

Yes, she did have to go potty.  Score first peepee in a store toilet!!  Go Carrie!
It was a little surreal to be taking part in a traditional fall activity while sweating in 90+ degree weather and wearing lots of sunscreen.
Devon enjoyed the bounce house.
The kids got their first taste of cotton candy
Devon rode in a wheelbarrow.
We scored a nice family photo, a rarity for us.  All three looking and pleasant.  Check!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Looking for a Housie: October 13, 2013

What to do about all this hair?  It's definitely time for a trim, but if I can't get them still enough to eat their dinner, than how do I come at them with scissors?

D: Why do the girlies have so much hair?
M: Girls have more hair than boys do, most of the time.  The girlies need to keep their hair tied up to keep it out of their faces.
D: My friend Mousie is hiding in their hair!

This week it's all about Devon's friend Mousie.  He's everywhere.  He's curled up in Devon's pocket, he's sitting on his arm, he's eating Devon's dinner, he's having a merry old time.  We don't know where friend Mousie came from.  Our best guess is that many games of Little Mousie Looking for a Housie (not here? tickle tickle not here? tickle tickle) made Devon used to the idea of invisible rodents circling his body.

Girls are still crib hopping and still taking their PJ's off right after we say goodnight.

Melina's (on top) had a cold.  She's clearly the one who needs the extra comfort.

Thankfully, the interrupted nights aren't followed by long days of meeting the needs of all three by myself.  Our biggest news of the last two weeks is that Craig has had an unexpected vacation!!!  As a non-essential federal employee, the shutdown sent him home at noon a week ago Tuesday and he's not allowed to do work or even check his email.

Rough life!!

We've been to the beach almost every day.  We go to the Splash Pad and sit on a bench together while the kids play.  We eat fatty things for breakfast.  We take turns napping in the afternoon while the other does a quiet activity and waits for the kids to pop up from naps.  We go to the pool in the evening.  Today we're going to the zoo.


All the while, people are mad about the government shutdown.  I get that.  I just can't share the feeling.

Tim Keller says that Christians should approach God and the way he works with a delighted sense of wonder and gratitude.  I'm doing that right now.  My feelings about the last two weeks (and maybe more, with no end in sight):

Wow! God shut down the whole federal government just so I could have a break!

If you're too politically minded to empathize with my joy, that's okay.  We can agree to disagree.  But get this: the girls have started potty training.  Try to picture me doing that alone.  Or just picture me losing my mind.  It would be faster.  We've made about two months' progress just in the first week, just by having someone to sit with the girls and someone else to empty the potties, refill the caffeinated beverages, and amuse the three-year-old.

It's also why the next few posts will have so few pictures.  I thought ONE child that preferred to go au naturale cramped my photography style.  Let me tell you, making clothing optional for all three has made things much worse.  I flip through dozens of cute pictures on my phone.

Carrie and Melina standing on chairs feeding each other noodles.
Carrie and Melina sitting on Devon's lap.
Devon squirting a squirt gun over the girls.

Everyone's naked.  All the time.

Understand, my breaks are still long days with energetic children.  But a break for me is getting to do things that are usually open to other moms during the day, but closed to me because of having three smalls at once.

Devon and I went to the beach.  We waded for a half hour until the "dangerous sea-life" flag went up, then retreated up the beach for a sandcastle marathon.  A passing walker conformed that a shark had been spotted snacking on some very shallow schools of fish.

D: Mr. Shark and I are having a playdate!
M: That's nice, Devon.  Does he want you to stay for lunch?

We finished off the outing at Brain Freeze.  Mommy tried to stay healthy by selecting Pomegranate Sorbet.  Devon threw a curveball by trying mine and liking it better than peanut butter yogurt with gummy worms, so he engineered a switch.

As he ate, I picked gummy worms out of mine and threw them in his cup.  Not worth the risk with my teeth!!!

The girls, also, have had some nice Mommy outings this week.  They're regular entertainment at Sam's.

Devon woke up Thursday with croup.  As I called the doctor, he impressed us by trying out the full range of funny noises he could make with his new voice.




As we drove to the doctor, Devon asked for an "All of the Sudden Story".

M: One day Devon was making some unusual noises.  Mommy called the doctor and said that Devon needed to come in.
D: To see Dr. Tool? (O'Toole)
M: Yes.  Dr. Tool asked Devon how he was feeling and he said "not so good".  So then she said she'd better look in Devon's mouth.  So she shined her light in his mouth and..
M: ...and all of the sudden she heard NNNEEEIIIIIGHHHHHH!
M: Oh, no, there's a horse in Devon's throat!
D: Then what happened, Mommy?
M: Then she said she needed to look in Devon's ears.  She leaned up close to his ear with her instrument and then...
M: ...and all of the sudden she heard MMMMMMOOOOOOOOO!
M:  "Well, that's perplexing," said Dr. Tool. "There appears to be a cow in Devon's ear!  Maybe I better listen to his tummy..."
M: ...and all of the sudden she heard QUACK!QUAAAAAACK!

Primed by the amusing story of at least twenty animals removed from various parts of his body while making their respective noises, Devon does well at the doctor.  He gets a steroid shot and a prescription.  Since he's allergic to the two major antibiotic families, he needs to be careful that coughs don't become infections.
We go to Panera for some cheese bagel therapy.  Devon wows the lunch crowd by doing a football game worthy victory dance when he spots his favorite treat to take home.

Home at last, Devon reveals his treat, a Smiley Cookie (that is, an iced sugar cookie with a grinning pumpkin face).  As he eats, we have our usual conversation.

D: I like it when food that is yummy smiles at me, Mommy.  It makes me happy.  
M: I know Devon.
D: He is talking to me, Mommy!
M: He is?  What is he saying?
D: He is asking to go in my stomach!
M: Are you going to let him?
D: Yes!  (bite)

The drugs are quick!!  Hours later, Devon has rediscovered sleep.  AHHHHHH!

Touch A Truck was this weekend.  We were so glad that Devon bounced back enough to go.

He finally consented to riding in a large, black tow truck.  He said it looked like Mater Car.

The other offerings were equally impressive but also a bit loud.  Everyone had a good time, even though very little touching took place.

We went to the zoo instead of church today, as we don't drop the kids off right after getting over illness. The girls made sure Devon stayed hydrated.

 We still walked with the girls on leashes, reserving the stroller for lunchtime.
Devon enjoyed the "washdown station" even though it was a temperate eighty degrees.  Tucked back in the car, he looked over his shoulder to check on Friend Mousie, who was reportedly sitting in the back seat.

Since Devon didn't nap and the girls just catnapped in the car, bedtime is coming early tonight.  Good thing, too, because Mommy and Daddy have to spend some time on tonight.

Just like Mousie, we are looking for a housie!

More on that later!!