Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Graduation Devon: May 27, 2015

Daddy turned something or other on May 19th.  As adults we occasionally mistake our own ages, where our kids keep track of theirs in fractions.  All Craig asked for this year was an ice cream cake.  Unfortunately, it baked while all three kids were running wild, and we didn't remember to get it out of the oven in time.  It was the hardest cake I've ever seen. 
Kids aren't picky, though.  Pretty much anything is edible if you put enough hot fudge on it. 
Birthday evening was spent at an Elkton park with Rita's Italian Ice. 
Days later, we celebrated another huge milestone.  Devon's last day of school.  I'm not one for chalkboards or commemorative t-shirts, but I did get a quick snap of the big boy riding between his sissies as I was dropping him off.  His last week was an outdoor sports day, a water day, and a promotion party. 
Ceremony night was a whirlwind.  When we quickly parked and prepared to race in, we realized that I'd somehow grabbed only three of the girls' shoes.  I'll forever remember the run into the building with Me holding Devon and Carrie's hands and Melina in sock feet being carried by her Daddy. 
Speaking of Daddy, this craft almost made me bawl.  He doesn't just want to be A daddy.  He wants to be HIS daddy.  Awwww!!  We took our seats and waited for the graduates to file in. 
What a happy guy!  We are so thankful for a wonderful place for Devon this year.  Devon took the stage and held up his diploma for all to see.  The glare of the lights made it impossible for my hastily focused camera phone to get a good picture, so I tried to freeze the moment in my mind as they introduced "Daring, Determined, Distinguished DEVON!".
We celebrated with the families afterwards.  Devon was allowed TWO cupcakes.  You don't graduate preschool every day. 
And just like that, the year is over.  The alphabet crafts are in a box in Mommy's closet.  The preschool room will stand empty for the summer, and then welcome Carrie and Melina in the fall.  I admit, I'm challenged by the thought of needing to provide Devon with enough stimulation this summer.  I don't think I can do as much as Mrs. Sulzbach and Mrs. Lasensky have done. 
 Devon writes his name, although he still insists he likes to write with both hands equally well.  I think he'll choose left when he is ready.  Right now he just wants to ride bike through the sprinklers all day and forget about school for a while. 
So bring on summer!!!

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