Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Summer Vacation: June 10, 2015

The first thing we celebrated in California was mom and dad's 39th wedding anniversary.  The lovebirds shared a slice of a family favorite pie.  Tim and I have one more year to make some big plans....
Then came Grandpa's 70th birthday.  We enjoyed a party at a nearby park with many friends. 

 Days later was a celebration for the opening of Tim's new chiropractic office.  I miss these things so often.  It was nice to be involved.
Every day didn't have to be a party, though.  Uncle Tim and Louie coming over was all it took to send the kids over the moon. 
Mommy rested a lot, and the kids didn't mind.  We had many afternoon activities with Grammy and Grandpa. 
Also, new haircuts.  Grammy's friends make house calls for the grandkids. 
They brought us buckets of toys, and game after game.  They invited us to swim in the pool. 
They took us blueberry picking. 
They met us at the park, or watched the kids so I could go out for a coffee and see old friends. 
We had outing after outing.  We went to the Great Valley Museum, that used to be itty bitty and halfway down McHenry.  Now it's got a huge building on the MJC campus. 
We let people take us out for ice cream.  We're nice like that.  

We were enjoying our vacation, and eagerly awaiting Daddy's arrival.  And then something unexpected came up.  That would be a whole separate post. 

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